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Page Title: Drawbar Assembly
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hydraulic system is provided to raise or lower the dolly,
and is completely independent of the hydraulic system on
the other dolly.  A lockout feature is also provided to
prevent front wheel cramping during the positioning oper-
ation.  The weight of the towbar depresses a pin in the
steering arm, which engages in a socket on the axle.  This
lockout device is only actuated when the front dolly is in
the retracted position and the towbar is perpendicular
to the front axle.
Drawbar Assembly
The drawbar assembly is designed for use with a prime mover
and, when deflected sideways, operates the steering linkage
to move the wheels to a maximum angle of 40 degrees either
side of neutral.
Rear Trailer Dolly
The rear dolly consists of a axle assembly, wheels, brake
assemblies, an adapter and a high pressure hydraulic system.
It is similar to the front dolly described in paragraph
1.3.1 except it is not steerable, and includes two stop and
tail lamp assemblies and a blackout stop lamp assembly. A
harness assembly interconnects these lamp assemblies with the
prime mover.
Brake System. (Part No. 7400017-502)
Hydraulically operated service brakes are provided on all
four wheels.  These brakes are pneumatically operated from the
towing vehicle.  The brakes are equipped to automatically ad-
just themselves when the vehicle is backed-up.  In addition,
a mechanically actuated parking brake is incorporated in the
wheels of the rear dolly.
High-Pressure Hydraulic System
The high-pressure hydraulic systems are the means for raising
or lowering the mobilizer.  Each consists of a hydraulic pump,
control valve, check valve, and necessary tubing unions, and
connectors .  The hydraulic pump is a 6000 PSIG, hand-operated
pump, with an integral hydraulic reservoir.  Pressure in the
system is released by the control valve and may be utilized
to control the rate of flow of the return fluid.
Lighting System (Part No. 7400017-502)
The lighting system operates on 24 volt direct current which
is supplied to the lamp assemblies mounted on the rear trailer
dolly.  These lamps operate in conjunction with the corre-
sponding lamps on the prime mover.  A twelve (12) pin
military type connector mounted on the rear trailer dolly provides
the connection point for the intervehicular cable provided.
The intervehicular cable has mating connectors for the one
located on the Prime Mover and on the rear trailer dolly.

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