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TM 9-6685-202-14
(1) Fill pump with Cenco No. 93050 vacuum
(3) Release the cistern pressure.
pump lubricating oil, Federal stock number 9150-273-
(4) Remove the vacuum pump.
8663, to sight level line as indicated in window on one
e. Removing Moisture from the Barometer Tube. If
side of pump.  On the 4310-203-3057 vacuum pump
the procedures of paragraph 3-5 are followed closely, it
remove the top cover for filling. The 4931-929-8403 is
is improbable that there will be any moisture in the tube.
filled by pouring oil through the exhaust port.
However, it is possible for moisture to collect in the
(2) Frequency of oil change depends on
cistern due to condensation if the cistern is left open to
service or use of pump. In a vaporless and dustless
atmospheric pressure.  Under certain circumstances
system, change oil only once every 6 months.
some of this moisture may be transferred to the tube by
(3) When oil has been contaminated, drain
the mercury. Moisture in the tube will form water vapor
from the pump. Flush pump with oil (Cenco No. 93050,
above the mercury which will depress the column in the
or equal) and refill with vacuum pump lubricating oil,
same manner as an air bubble. However, it cannot be
Cenco No.  93050, Federal stock number 9150-273-
removed in the same manner as an air bubble because
as pressure is applied to force the vapor past the tube
seal valve it will merely condense and revaporize as the
(4) Most of the oil can be drained through the
pressure is released. In removing moisture, follow the
drain cock. To completely remove all oil, remove cover,
same general procedure as in preparing the barometer
invert pump, and turn shaft through several revolutions.
for use after shipment or storage. Refer to paragraph 3-
4-7.  Operator Maintenance of Constant Vacuum
Regulator 6685-306-5604
f. Replacing the Light Bulb. Unscrew the light bulb
Operator responsibility for the maintenance of
from its bracket. Replace with GE Type 323, 3 volts,
the vacuum regulator is confined to visual inspection
0.19 amperes, instrument light bulb, Federal stock
and operation of the regulator.
number 6240-155-7864.
4-8. Recording Repairs
Repairs will be made in accordance with
g. Replacing the Batteries. The batteries can be
procedures and standards prescribed in appropriate
replaced, using the method described in paragraph 3-4.
technical manuals.
The equipment record system
Batteries should be replaced at regular intervals before
provides for recording required repairs accomplished on
they can become overaged and swell in the tube. They
specific items of equipment. This will include, but is not
should be removed if the instrument is not to be used for
limited  to,  adjusting,  cleaning,  and  replacement.
a considerable period.
Deficiencies discovered before, during, and after
4-6. Operator's Maintenance of Vacuum Pump 3410-
operation that cannot be corrected by the operator will
203-3057 or 4931-929-8403
be  reported  on  DA  Form  2404.
a. General. Operator maintenance of the vacuum
immediately corrected by the operator are not recorded,
pump is confined to visual inspection and changing of
except when such corrections are made by replacing
the oil used in the pump.
parts which constitute repairs above the operator
b. Maintaining Oil Level. Maintain the oil level in
maintenance level.  Such repairs will be recorded as
the pump as follows:
organizational maintenance.
means of symptoms and tests. The tests and remedies
4-9. Purpose and Scope
provided herein are governed by the scope of the level
Troubleshooting is a systematic isolation and
of maintenance of the barometer.
remedy of malfunctions and defective components by

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