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Page Title: Category VII (Submethod IId) Missile Component Items
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Category IV (Method III) Missile Component Items
TM-746-10 General Packaging Instructions for Field Units Manual
Figure 4-14. Breather Assembly-Exploded View.
TM 746-10
sufficient tension to ensure adherence and, where
a. Clean category VI items per process C-1 as
practical, interlace between locking devices. Place all
described in TM 38-230-1.
operating controls in an OFF or NEUTRAL position.
b. Accomplish drying, as required, immediately
(2) Place  the  equipment  in  controlled
after cleaning by one or more of five different
humidity shelters or vans. To provide this control, the
procedures defined in TM 38-230-1 provided the item
shelter or van must be a completely sealed unit with the
will not be damaged by the procedure.
port entry of the free breather the only opening allowing
c. Apply P-11 to those metal surfaces on which
the entry or exit of air.  When the above has been
corrosion in any form would impair the usefulness of the
accomplished, the free breather assembly is ready for
part or assembly.  All items that have had exterior
installation (fig 4-14 and 4-15).
surfaces coated with a preservative require a wrap of
(3) Because a standard adapter plate has not
greaseproof barrier material, or they should be placed
been provided, fabricate plate, by required size,
directly into a greaseproof bag.  Wraps should be
according to selected application. Sheet metal may be
secured with tape.
used for the plate fabrication.  The 3-inch outside
d. Unit pack items, preserved with P-11, wrapped
dimension hole should be centered on the plate as
and cushioned, as required, method I per recommended
shown in figures 4-14 and 4-15. Figure 4-15 shows one
procedures of TM 38-230-1.
type of adapter plate that is commonly use for the
e. Accomplish packing by placing a quantity of unit
breather installation. Drill a hole into the adapter panel
packed components into a wood or plywood box.
(fig 4-15) and insert a four-spot humidity indicator, NSN
Guidance in box fabrication, cushioning, blocking,
6685-00-618-1822.  Secure the adapter plate at the
bracing, strapping, and weight limitations for the box is
selected ports using available means for securing. Seal
contained in TM 38-230-2.
the plate using rubber gasket material, NS 8030-00-682-
6422, (see fig 4-15).
Category VII (Submethod IId) Missile
(4) Fabricate and install breather assembly as
Component Items
Antenna receiver
Shop equipment
(a) The breather drum (fig 4-14) should be
Battery control
Simulator station
located on the floor of the shelter near the wall vent.
Director station
Test equipment
Secure drum to floor with metallic or nonmetallic
Operations station
Test station
strapping or any suitable blocking material available.
Programmer test sta-  Tracking station
(b) Attach the hose (fig 4-14) to breather
drum and wall vent; secure with clamps. (THE NEXT
a. Clean category VII missile items per process C-
1 as described in TM 38-230-1.
b. Accomplish drying, as required, immediately
(c) Charge the breather drum, with bulk
after cleaning by procedure D-4 as defined in TM 38-
desiccant (MIL-D-3716) in the drum bag; close the
drum; and secure the lid with the locking ring.
c. Apply P-10 to those metal surfaces on which
(d) Fill desiccant sleeves for the static load
corrosion in any form would impair the usefulness of the
with an equal amount of desiccant as required in MIL-D-
part or assembly. Preservatives will not be applied to
3464.  Suspend the sleeves above the load equally
the surfaces of parts or assemblies which are protected
distributed through the length of the shelter or van.
with solid film lubricants or plastic coatings, prime
(e) Using tape, secure a three-spot humidity
coated or painted, or are vulnerable to damage by
indicator, MS 20003-2, to a piece of barrier material
contact preservatives.  All items having their exterior
(either MIL-B-121 or MIL-B-131) and tape to the inside
surfaces coated with a preservative require a wrap of
of the main entry door. The barrier material will be at
greaseproof barrier material. Wraps should be secured
least one-half inch larger on all sides than the indicator
with tape.
card and will be taped to the entry door so it is between
d. Package category VII items mounted in shelter
the door and the indicator card.
and van-type trucks and trailers submethod IId per the
(f) Secure the main door with tape according
following instructions and guidelines:
to MIL-STD-22085 or caulk all door seams using caulk
(1) Completely immobilize all miscellaneous
carried equipment using provided locking or securing
(5) Crate the shelter in order to provide physical
Place cabinet doors, drawers, and trays
protection. Fabricate the crate by following
provided with locking devices in locked position and
secure with filament reinforced tape. Apply tape with

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