Quantcast Chapter 2. OPERATOR INSTRUCTIONS - TM-55-4920-433-13-P0015
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TM 55-4920-433-13&P
2-1. Setup of Pneudraulic Shop upon initial receipt. Refer to TM 10-5411-201-14 for specific procedures concerning
erection of the tactical, one side expandable, shelter (NSN 5411-01-124-1377).
a. The Pneudraulic Shop should be set up with power cable length, tactical deployment, exhaust/inlet of ECUs and
phasing between related shops kept in mind. The shop's power entry panel, next to the personnel entrance door, should
be facing toward the power source and power distribution panel (see page 1-0).
b. Initial Leveling. Procedures in TM 10-5411-201-14 will be followed to ensure proper operation of all fold out
When all equipment and materiel is stored on the stationary side of the shelter, the limited floor
space presents a safety hazard to operating personnel. This is most critical during the raising
and lowering of the roof panel. Failure to observe supplemental instructions could result in
serious injury to personnel. Personnel inside the shelter could become trapped between the roof
panel and equipment bolted to the floor.
c. Supplemental Safety Instructions. To prevent possible accidents, the following procedures will be followed:
1. Two personnel, outside the shelter, must lift the roof panel (1) far enough to allow two people inside to
release the support struts (2), extend them to full length and insert quick-release pins (3).
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