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Page Title: Use of the Maintenance Allocation Chart.
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Less than Company Size Aviation Units
TM-55-1740-202-13-P Transporter Airmobilel Model D761 Part Number 46692-01 NSN
Definitions - TM-55-1740-202-13-P0067
TM 55-1740-202-13&P
B-2. Use of the Maintenance Allocation Chart.
a. The MAC assigns maintenance functions to the lowest level of maintenance based on past experience and the
following consideration:
(1) Skills available.
(2) Time required.
(3) Tools and test equipment required and/or available.
b. Only the lowest level of maintenance authorized to perform a maintenance function is indicated. If the lowest
level of maintenance cannot perform all tasks of any single maintenance function (e.g., test, repair), then the higher
maintenance level(s) that can accomplish additional tasks will also be indicated.
c. A maintenance function assigned to a maintenance level will automatically be authorized to be performed am
any higher maintenance level.
d. A maintenance function that cannot be performed at the assigned level of maintenance for any reason may be
evacuated to the next higher maintenance organization.
Higher maintenance levels will perform the maintenance
functions of lower maintenance levels when required or directed by the appropriate commander.
e. The assignment of a maintenance function will not be construed as authorization to carry the associated repair
parts in stock. Authority to requisition, stock, or otherwise secure necessary repair parts will be as specified in the repair
parts and special tools list appendix.
f. Normally there will be no deviation from the assigned level of maintenance. In cases of operational necessity,
maintenance functions assigned to a maintenance level may, on a one-time basic and at the request of the lower
maintenance level, be specifically authorized by the maintenance officer of the level of maintenance to which the
function is assigned. The special tools, equipment, etc. required by the lower level of maintenance to perform this
function will be furnished by the maintenance level to which the function is assigned. This transfer of a maintenance
function to a lower maintenance level does not relieve the higher maintenance level of the responsibility of the function.
The highest level of maintenance has the authority to determine:
(1) If the lower level is capable of performing the work.
(2) If the lower level will require assistance or technical supervision and on-site inspection.
(3) If the authorization will be granted.
g. Organizational through depot maintenance of the US Army Electronics Command equipment will be performed
by designated US Army Electronics Command personnel.
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