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Page Title: Thirty-Day DS Maintenance Allowances
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Maintenance code - TM-55-1740-201-23P0008
TM-55-1740-201-23P Transporter Airmobile FSN1740-901-1870 1740-902-3132 Manual
How to Locate Repair Parts - TM-55-1740-201-23P0010
TM 55-1740-201-23P
total quantity of items authorized
g. Thirty-Day DS Maintenance Allow-
for the number of equipments sup-
ported. Subsequent appearances of
(1) The allowance column is divided
the same item will have the let-
into three subcolumns. Indicated
t e r s "REF" in the allowance col-
in each subcolumn, opposite the
umns. Items authorized for use as
f i r s t appearance of each item,
required, but not for initial stock-
is the total quantity of items auth-
age are identified with an asterisk
orized for the number of equip-
(*) in the allowance column.
(2) The quantitative allowances for or-
ments supported. Subsequent ap-
pearances of the same item will
ganizational level of maintenance
h a v e . the letters "REF" in the
represents one initial prescribed
applicable  allowance  columns.
load for a 15-day period for the
number of equipments supported.
I t e m s authorized for use as re-
quired, but not for initial stock-
Units and organizations authorized
age are identified with an asterisk
additional prescribed loads, will
multiply the number of prescribed
(*) in the allowance column.
(2) The quantitative allowances for DS
loads authorized by the quantity
l e v e l s of maintenance will re-
o f repair parts reflected in the
present initial stockage for a 30-
appropriate density column to ob-
d a y period for the number of
tain the total quantity of repair
equipments supported. The basis
parts required.
o f issue for authorized special
O r g a n i z a t i o n a l units providing
tools, test and support equipment
maintenance for more than 100 of
i s the number of end items of
these equipments shall determine
equipment supported.
the total quantity of repair parts
(3) Determination of the total quantity
required by converting the equip-
of parts required for maintenance
ment quantity to a decimal factor
of more than 100 of these equip-
by placing a decimal point before
m e n t s can be accomplished by
the next to last digit of the number
converting the equipment quantity
to indicate hundredths, and mul-
to a decimal factor by placing a
tiplying the decimal factor by the
decimal point before the next to
parts quantity authorized in the
last digit of the number to in-
51-100 allowance column. Exam-
dicate hundredths, and multiplying
ple, authorized allowance for 51-
the decimal factor by the parts
1 0 0 equipments is 12; for 140
quantity authorized in the 51-100
equipments multiply 12 by 1.40 or
allowance column. Example, auth-
1 6 . 8 0 rounded off to 17 parts
orized allowance for 51-100 equip-
ments is 40; for 150 equipments
(4) Subsequent changes to allowances
multiply 40 by 1.50 or 60 parts
w i l l be limited as follows. No
changes in the range of items is
h. One- Year Allowances Per 100 Equip-
authorized. If additional items are
ments/Contingency Planning Purposes.
considered necessary, recommen-
When applicable,  t h i s column indicates
dations should be forwarded to the
opposite the first appearance of each item
Commanding General, U. S. Army
the total quantity required for distribution
Aviation  S y s t e m s  Command
and contingency planning purposes. The
range of items indicates total quantities
St. Louis, MO 63166, for excep-
of all authorized items required to provide
tion or revision to the allowance
adequate support of 100 equipments for
l i s t . Revisions to the range of
i t e m s authorized will be made
i. Illustration. This column is divided
by USAAVSCOM based upon en-
as follows:
gineering  e x p e r i e n c e , d e m a n d
(1) Figure Number. Indicates the fig-
d a t a , or The Army Equipment
u r e number of the illustration
Records System (TAERS) infor-

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